Friday, November 11, 2011

End of first week at the MTC

We have been so very busy here!!  You have to have been here to know what I am talking about!!  We are kept busy in meetings and training from sun up to sun set.  We are learning so much and enjoying every minute of it!  We have met so many wonderful couples whom we have enjoyed getting to know.  There are couples going all over the world!  From one end to the other.

We have seen two couples that we knew from home.
  One being Elder and Sister Chan (David and Jennifer) from Kennewick Washington. He was a Chiropractor in Kennewick.  They are going to the China Hong Kong Temple as temple workers.

  The other is Elder and Sister Packard (Bruce and Jody).  They are from Arizona, but she is a Powell (Dean and Carol Powell's daughter)!  It was so fun to see her and her husband and get "reacquainted" again!  They are going to Peru where they will serve in the mental health field.

Jody and I were good friends growing up.  She is such a neat person!  It was so fun to see her!!

We met another couple who is related to the Wheelwrights. (Bruce and Barbara).  I believe he is Brother Wheelwrights nephew.  And another couple whose son is Brent Belliston's best friend!
Here is our language trainer.  Elder Stevenson.  You can see the Armenian language on the board.  We are learning how to bear our testimonies and for the first time, Larry and I both got to bear our testimonies in front of the rest of the couples.  They also bore their testimonies in the language of the country they are going to serve in.

Some of the couples here that came on the same day as we did (last Monday) will be leaving this weekend.  The rest of us will be here for another week.  We have gained many close friendships and are sad to say goodbye to them!  They are going all over the world!!!

This has been a very busy week and we are very tired each night, but happy!  We got up this morning at 5:30 to exercise before showering and going to breakfast.  Those who know me will be fascinated that I am eating cracked wheat cereal.  I am trying to eat a healthy breakfast.  Even though I have never been able to gag down oatmeal, I do pretty good with cracked wheat.  I would prefer shredded wheat with a banana in it!  The food here at the MTC is very very good.  It is nice not having to cook or do dishes!

This week we have been learning how to teach the discussions and have practiced on real people (pretending to be investigators).  We knock on their door (a room that has been set up as a living room) and go in and listen to them as they explain who they are and as much as we can learn about them.  We have also had experiences talking to less active members.  We have learned so much and have had some very special spiritual experiences.  Their stories are real and the spirit in the room has been strong as we have shared our testimonies with them and taught from the scriptures.  Every difficulty or problem we may have can be answered in the scriptures.  I have a strong testimony of that!

Our testimonies are growing more each day as to the divinity of this great work.  This is the Lord's work here upon the earth and this is His Church spreading throughout the world to teach the words of the prophets and the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are so happy to be a part of that.

Tomorrow is Saturday and it is our preparation day.  We will do our wash, attend the temple etc.

We love what we are doing!  We love you all!
Elder and Sister Eyre

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  1. no Fair a BYU football game, wow they let you do anything at the MTC, hahahaha!!! So fun that you got to see all those people that you know, it's really a small world. You love you and are so proud of you both!